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Case Study: Revamping Heritales' Website: From Incomplete to Impressive Online Portfolio


Heritales, a promising tour package provider, faced a major setback when their initial website developer unexpectedly left the project unfinished. This left them with an incomplete website, a complex content management system (CMS), and a pressing need to establish a professional online presence to showcase their services to potential clients.


Complete website development: Finalize the unfinished website and ensure all pages were functional and visually appealing

Content creation and optimization: Develop relevant, engaging content that effectively communicated Heritales' unique value proposition and tour offerings

SEO optimization: Implement on-page SEO techniques to improve the website's visibility in search engine results

Enhance user experience (UX): Improve website navigation, layout, and overall user experience for seamless browsing and booking


We partnered with Heritales to revitalize their website and transform it into a powerful marketing tool.

Business Understanding & Review: We began by gaining a deep understanding of Heritales' business model, target audience, and specific requirements. We thoroughly reviewed the existing website to identify areas for improvement and develop a comprehensive action plan

Content Strategy & Planning: We collaborated with Heritales to create a detailed content plan, outlining the structure, tone, and messaging for each page. We also conducted keyword research to identify relevant search terms for SEO optimization

UI/UX Enhancement: Our team of web designers worked to improve the website's visual appeal, navigation, and overall user experience. We implemented a user-friendly layout, optimized page loading speed, and ensured the website was responsive across all devices

Content Development & SEO Optimization: We created compelling, informative, and SEO-friendly content for each page, incorporating relevant keywords and meta tags to improve search engine visibility. We also optimized existing content to align with best practices

On-Page SEO: We conducted a thorough on-page SEO audit, optimizing meta titles, descriptions, image alt text, and other elements to enhance the website's ranking potential


Within 1 month we successfully transformed Heritales' website from an unfinished project into a fully functional, visually appealing, and SEO-optimized online portfolio

Website Traffic Increased:

The website experienced a significant increase in organic traffic, with many visitors coming from Lucknow

Google Business Profile Performance

The GBP page garnered positive reviews and consistently ranked high in local search results, leading to direct calls and website visits

Patient Acquisition:

Dr. Ayesha began receiving a steady stream of new patient appointments, primarily through the website and GBP page

  • DATE:1 April 2024
  • Services:Website Development
  • Client:Danish Khan
  • Location:Agra, India