SHWE India

Case Study: Transforming SHWE India's Online Presence


SHWE India, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing primary education and support to marginalized communities, sought to enhance its online presence to effectively communicate its mission, impact, and trustworthiness to potential donors, partners, and volunteers. They lacked a website and had no existing design, content, or visual assets to build upon


Website Development: Create a responsive and engaging website from scratch to showcase SHWE India's initiatives, impact, and goals.

Content Creation: Develop high-quality content, including text and images, to effectively convey SHWE India's mission and accomplishments.

Design Innovation: Design a visually appealing website with mockups that reflect SHWE India's values and dedication to primary education

SEO Optimization: Ensure that the website is optimized for search engines to enhance visibility and attract relevant traffic


We collaborated closely with SHWE India to bring their vision to life and create a powerful online platform to support their cause.

Initial Assessment: We conducted an in-depth analysis of SHWE India's objectives, target audience, and key messaging to lay the foundation for website development.

Content Creation: Recognizing the importance of high-quality visuals, we deployed a photographer to capture compelling images showcasing SHWE India's work, infrastructure, and impact on primary education

Design Conceptualization: Our team worked on designing mockups and innovative layouts that reflected SHWE India's commitment to education and social empowerment

Website Development: Leveraging the gathered content and design concepts, we proceeded with website development, ensuring responsiveness across various devices

SEO Integration: Throughout the development process, we implemented SEO strategies to optimize each page for relevant keywords and improve search engine visibility


Through our collaborative efforts in a couple of months, SHWE India now possesses a robust online platform that effectively communicates its mission and impact on primary education advocacy

Website Traffic Increased:

The website experienced a significant increase in organic traffic, with many visitors coming from Lucknow

Google Business Profile Performance

The GBP page garnered positive reviews and consistently ranked high in local search results, leading to direct calls and website visits

Patient Acquisition:

Dr. Ayesha began receiving a steady stream of new patient appointments, primarily through the website and GBP page

  • DATE:1 March 2023
  • Services:Website Development
  • Client:Dr. Faraz Ahmad Khan
  • Location:Aligarh, India